Splendor & Arrow men’s custom suits are made by expert tailors in the U.S. and Canada. We combine the premium custom tailoring tradition with the advancement to bring the best quality, elaborate garment that perfectly fits your individual body and personal style. At Splendor & Arrow, we carry hundreds of fabrics from the finest mills in Italy, UK, and Asia including Scabal, Ermenegildo Zegna, Reda, Barberis and more, with diverse patterns and colors for different seasons. We always offer a diversified fabric collection to meet the customers’ demands and budget, or we are also willing to make suits from the customers’ own fabric. We select and use only high quality materials for each and every detail in our Splendor & Arrow custom clothing.

Suit Jackets

  • Soft flexible high count canvas
  • Fully lined
  • Silk / bemberg lining
  • Buttons imported from Europe
  • Shoulder pads made of 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Extra inside pockets:
    • Business card pocket
    • Pen pocket
    • Pencil pocket
    • Cellphone / Eyeglass pocket
    • Passport pocket
    • Extra deep pocket


  • Nickel-plated metal zipper
  • 100% cotton solid harmony pocketing and waistband
  • Full band roll – edge to edge
  • Bar tacks on all seams and stress points
  • Extra wide and deep pockets
  • Extra pockets: change pocket; watch pocket


  • Back buckle strap
  • Silk Lining or same cloth back

The customers can order the whole set which is 2-piece suit (Jacket and Trousers), 3-piece suit (Jacket, Trousers, and Vest) or Separate items. Make an appointment with us now to have your Suits/Jackets/Trousers/ Vests tailored only for you.

Custom Sports Jackets or Blazers

While suits are your first choice at working environment, business, formal occasions, sport jackets or blazers show a different color of your styles. If 20 years ago, owning a sport jacket was just tentative, nowadays, with a modernly aesthetic concept, they have become indispensable in men’s wardrobe.

Firstly, their flexible combination with different pieces of clothing brings you various outfits. They can go well with a shirt, a t-shirt, or a sweater and so on. On the other hand, they can combine with trousers, and especially with jeans, which create a very nicely casual look. Having sport jackets or blazers in your wardrobe is definitely a cost-effective solution to maximize your outfits. Secondly, sport jackets or blazers are a convenient choice for various occasions. A sport jacket at work on a Friday is an out-of-box change from your serious tie-and-suit image of daily style. You can also include it in your outfit for any casual meetings, gatherings, parties, or hanging out with friends.

At Splendor & Arrow, you can have your Sport Jackets or Blazers customized with the premium quality. Our Custom Sport Jackets are made by expert tailors in the U.S. and Canada. We constantly update the fabric collection and fashion trend for each season. Splendor & Arrow Sport Jackets or Blazers meet high standards of Fabric, Materials, Construction, Fitting and Styles. Make an appointment with us now to have your  Sport Jackets or Blazers tailored only for you.

Custom Topcoats

Topcoats are a wardrobe staple during cold winter days. A topcoat is an ideal outwear on top of a business suit and you also can wear it over other casual outfits. In any of these combinations, Topcoats still can bring you a professional and great look. Having a Topcoat customized is the proper investment in consideration of its versatility and timelessness.

Splendor & Arrow Custom Topcoat is crafted according to your style preference, fabric selection, and your own measurement. At Splendor & Arrow, you can have a Custom Topcoat with Perfect Fitting, Warmth and Luxurious Look. Splendor & Arrow Custom Topcoats are made of the Premium Fabric by expert tailors in the U.S and Canada. Make an appointment with us now to have your Topcoats tailored only for you.

Custom Tuxedos

Tuxedo or Black Tie represents formality, respect, elegance, debonairness, and subtlety. They are the prevailing formalwear in present-day weddings and special events.

Not like wearing regular suits, Tuxedos take your look to the new level with stricter rules that require a tailoring expert. Splendor & Arrow is very proud of having been trusted with advising and making Tuxedos for our customers for their important events.  Splendor & Arrow Custom Tuxedo has an elegant and luxurious silhouette that makes you present impressively and impeccably in the events. We pay attention to the smallest details, using only the best quality fabric, materials and exquisite workmanship. Make an appointment with us right now to have your Tuxedos tailored only for you.


Most women hardly find exactly what they want from off-the-rack clothes that are designed and made for all. Colors, designs, and especially fitting are usually the main reasons to prevent them from choosing the perfect clothing. In the professional environment, a woman needs the impeccable business attire which can make her impressive in anywhere she appears, such as offices, conferences, interviews, presentations, negotiations and so on. It must be able to express her professionalism, her confidence, her influence and her image as a successful woman in the modern world. For these reasons, the custom-made clothing is the best choice and Splendor & Arrow is an optimal solution.

Splendor& Arrow custom clothing is based precisely on your own measurement taken by our experienced master tailor. We know how complicated the female fitting and details in the clothes can be; therefore, Splendor & Arrow uses the special techniques to give you the perfect fit, highlight your own best features and your personalized styles.. We have a variety of premium fabric from Italy, England, Holland, and Asia with plentiful colors, patterns, and types for each season. Splendor & Arrow business attire for women includes

Custom business suit:

  • A Jacket and Trousers
  • A Jacket and a Skirt

Separate items:

  • A Jacket
  • Trousers
  • A Skirt


Dress shirts (for men & women) play a very important role in business attire. A dress shirt either accompanies a jacket or is worn alone as a centerpiece. In either way, it can say a lot about you. An improper dress shirt which has poor fitting or does not meet the specifications can debase your business outfit and adversely affect your professional image. A custom shirt is an optimal solution that you cannot find in the off-the-rack.

Splendor & Arrow offers high-quality dress shirts with the perfect fitting. Your custom shirts will be made by our highly skilled tailors. The fitting will be taken care of and reviewed by our Master Tailor throughout the process. We have a good collection of fabrics and materials for you to choose from. You can complete your business attire with Splendor & Arrow high quality custom shirts at a very reasonable price.