About us

Our Story

Splendor & Arrow is a custom-made clothing brand for both men and women. It was established in 2014 by Mr. Morkos Ghobryal, who processes professionally tailoring skills as a master tailor and had a long period of time working in different positions at highly-reputable garment companies.

Splendor & Arrow aims to provide the custom clothing using the high technique, exquisite workmanship, and superior quality to give you the best fit and sharp look. Dressing well is an extremely important factor for success, especially in business environment where your appearance strongly represents yourself, your company, and your position. Wearing a suit or shirt with the perfect fit and look also raises your confidence and help you be in the control of the situation. Let Splendor& Arrow make you stand out above the crowd!

Why Us

Splendor & Arrow was formed with the strong belief that the customers will find what they want when choosing us. It is very important to come to a RIGHT place and a RIGHT person for each matter in life; it is simply because only experts can understand it deeply and have an optimum solution for it. To customize your clothes, you need a REAL tailoring expert who has a profound knowledge about measurement, body types and issues, tailoring techniques, clothing styles, garment construction, and more. Splendor & Arrow’s founder – a master tailor who has the valuable experience about custom business attire – would like to bring this CORE VALUE to the customers and will take care from minor details to complicated issues in your clothing. We believe that missing any minor detail can affect the entire result.

Our Values

  • Conscience, honesty and goodwill
  • Ensure the high quality, sharp look, and comfortableness of the clothing
  • Reasonable price
  • Meet the customer’s expectations even if he or she is demanding
  • Be able to tackle extremely complicated fitting issues
  • We would never tell you something is impossible as we believe that nothing is impossible in life. Splendor & Arrow is your clothier that will stand behind your terrific look and your success
  • And there are many more reasons for choosing us but we would like to leave them to your own judgement
  • Splendor & Arrow is a complete integral part to your wardrobe that demonstrates your truly-personalized style and make you a person of distinction in a business environment or any special occasion
  • Splendor & Arrow custom-made that expresses Elegance and Confidence

Meet Our Team

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